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Jlpatti started this conversation
I'm a single more of 5 beautiful kids. I had to move away from my husband because of domestic abuse. So me n my 5 kids are starting over from having nothing. I'm having financial issues. In the first 8 days I left with my kids I managed to find a stable place nice n clean and a new job. But in the process I havent been able to get my van legal and I need assistance with my bills. I can work alot considering I have no transportation. Please help
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Hi this is only a info site sorry there no resources that helps with anything to do with a car. But if u need help with rent lights gas u can type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put courty state u see a list of places that can help if they got the funds just because they don't have the funds today don't mean they want have it next week.
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